Bluebell Henley

Welcome to our website, bringing you all that is best from the Bluebell Henley. You can find out all about our latest menu and events right here, while there is also the opportunity to make a booking online.

We’ve been working hard on our blog too, which includes information on job vacancies and special events that are taking place in the coming months.

As ever, we’re grateful to those who work behind the scenes to make the business such a success. We really are like the proverbial duck: everything looks smooth on the surface, thanks in no small part to those who are racing along below the water.

Our suppliers continue to provide ingredients that allow us to offer great meals every day of the week. We’d particularly like to highlight the wonderful quality of meats that continue to be supplied by Simmonds. They are accompanied by a wide range of seasonal produce from local suppliers.

Behind the scenes, it takes a mountain of equipment to run a commercial kitchen. From our ovens to the humble toaster that was sourced following a toaster review at Number67, we are grateful to everyone who helps to keep things ticking over.

Finally, we must thank our superb staff. They continue to go above and beyond the call of duty, making the restaurant such a success.